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Who are the top Investors in Russia? What is the email address of Investment Manager at Caspian Venture Capital in Russia?

The Directory of Russian Private Equity and Venture Capital provides listing of top investment firms based in Russia.

As the leading provider of private investors data and analysis since 2007, hundreds of customers have been using our regional investors directories achieving great results.

Whether you are a business owner looking for private investors, a private equity firm looking for LP, a real estate firm looking for investors, or a conference organizer looking for top delegates, this directory can help you achieve your goal.

0Directory Contents

This edition of Directory of Investors in Russia in 30 pages contains details of 70 investment firms from Russia, including the investment firm names, cities, website addresses, telephones, faxes and physical addresses of the firms. Details of 110 Contacts from those investment firms including names, email addresses and their positions are also listed.

It also includes the raw Excel files of all investment firms and contacts. (At the moment the raw Excel files are free when you order the directory. So hurry, order and download now!)

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0 Directory FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions ...

When was your directory last updated?
The directory is last updated on April 2020.

Who handles the payment on your website?
Your credit card and all payment issues are handled by our US payment provider BlueSnap Inc.

So is your directory only covering VC and private equity investors? I am interested in property and real estate investors, family offices, etc.
Since investors from Russia are usually open to investments out of their mentioned asset class, we have listed all types of investment firms in our directory, not just PE/VC firms.

What payment methods do you accept?
The recommended and fastest method would be paying by Credit Card. (If you are not comfortable with paying online you can call BlueSnap Inc. and pay via phone or fax as well). PayPal is also accepted. Bank wire transfers are also accepted, although they take a couple of days to process.

So what are the main details listed for each firm?
The firm names, countries, cities, web addresses, telephones, faxes and physical addresses. For contacts in the firms, we list names, email addresses and their positions.

How many Investors are listed in your directory?
The directory contains details of 70 investment firms based in Russia. Details of 100 contacts involved in those investment firms are also listed. (all in both PDF and Excel format)

Do you list general emails like info@, investment@, etc. in your directory list of investors?
No. We only list email addresses assigned to real names.

Can I see a sample before downloading the directory?
A sample of the directory is provided for you at the end of the current page.

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